Brave AI

Meet Brave, your new data analyst

BraveGPT is an AI model trained on market data that offers real-time analysis, strategy, and documents.

BraveGPT is like an intern mixed with a Bloomberg.
Mack Jones
Interface Designer
Asset Managers

Chat with your data.

Optimize your portfolio with access to hundreds of crypto market indexes.
As a hedge fund or asset manager, enhance your portfolio's performance with our platform, offering access to hundreds of crypto market indices, providing a comprehensive view for informed asset management decisions.
Financial Advisors

Custom reports.

Generate custom financial reports and investment plans for clients in minutes.
Create detailed, personalized financial reports and strategic plans for your clients, utilizing our tools to cater to their unique financial needs and goals, at no marginal cost.
Enerprise Firms

Custom intelligence.

Empower your marketing and support teams by training Brave on your CRM data.
Streamline your marketing and customer support teams by utilizing Brave to analyze and learn from your CRM data, enabling more efficient and cost-effective strategies. Build drip campaigns, mail physical letters, or generate newsletter content.
Build Your Own

Leverage API.

Brave API is perfect for building functional apps that leverage AI and unique datasets.
Create your custom app with our Brave API, offering direct access to our powerful AI tools for market analysis, backtesting, asset management, and strategy, enabling you to innovate and deliver tailored solutions to your customers.

Build it with Brave

Your crypto AI partner.

Flexible GPT and API perfect for building scalable blockchain-enabled products.