AI Platform for Financial Analysts

AI for Analysis.

 Brave is a GPT for financial advisors. Powerful, adaptable, and easy to use. No training required.

Brave can perform complex tasks for the most advanced fintech firms.
Market Data.
Access real-time and historical market data, backtests, and analysis.
Empower your team with Brave and build innovative financial products and strategies.

Build powerful apps with the power of AI

Asset Managers.
Optimize your portfolio with access to market insights.
Financial Advisors.
Generate custom financial reports for clients.
Enterprise Firms.
Reduce operation costs by training Brave on your CRM data.
Market Data API

Real-time & historical data

API access to real-time and historical crypto market data, analysis, backtesting, and strategy. Perfect for analysts, asset managers, and data scientists.
Simple API Pricing

Customize your plan

Access  BraveGPT and API at an affordable rate, built for companies of all sizes. Perfect for modern financial advisors, RIAs, and broker-dealers.
API Docs

Flexible API Docs

Brave's SDK and API docs are comprehensive and user-friendly to ensure maximum usability. Perfect for product managers, developers, and IT consultants.

Build it with Brave

Your crypto AI partner.

Flexible GPT and API perfect for building scalable blockchain-enabled products.